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Our Collections Featured on Polish Website

May 24, 2018

We are proud and happy to announce the launch of the first of a four-part series to feature our collections on Polish educational website Historia : Poszukaj, made possible through partnerships with the University of Gdansk and the University of Manitoba.

This online exhibit features objects from Ogniwo’s artefact and archival collections to help bring history alive for students. The first installment features the Polish Women’s War Relief Committee, whose archival records are held in our collections.

Letter from Poland sent to the Polish Women’s War Relief Committee in Winnipeg appealing for war-time help

In the News: 106-year old WWII veteran reunited with uniform weeks before death

May 3, 2018


Stan Pacak, a caring member of the Polish community in Swan River, Manitoba,  sent a donation to Ogniwo Polish Museum in early 2018. It consisted of a WWII-era uniform of an officer of the Polish army, with some photographs and documents tucked into the pockets.  After a bit of detective work, Ogniwo’s archivist learned that the uniform had belonged to a man named Lukasz Kulczycki, who had emigrated to Canada after the war and worked at the Health Center in Swan River in the early 1950s before making his way to the United States, where he became a renowned pediatrician specializing in cystic fibrosis. She was even more amazed to learn that Dr. Kulczycki was living in Virginia, aged 106.  She was able to track down his daughter and return the uniform and archival records to their rightful owner.

Read the full story on Global News Winnipeg:  106-year old WWII Veteran reunited with his uniform and photographs weeks before death.

Ogniwo volunteers were saddened to hear of Dr. Kulczycki’s passing on May 3, 2018, but feel honoured to have  been a small part of his story.

Dr. Kulczycki’s archival records, photographs, and uniform are on display at the Museum now. The museum’s library also holds Polish and English copies of his incredible life, as told in his autobiography.