In My Words: Exploring Polish Immigrant Experiences


In My Own Words








Our current exhibit, titled “In My Words”, explores the immigration story as described in first-person perspective and the joys, sorrows, hardships and successes experienced by Polish immigrants to Manitoba. The exhibit presents various topics related to immigration, including reasons for leaving Poland, initial impressions of Canada, navigating a different culture and language, negotiating an identity as a Polish-Canadian immigrant, and finding ways to maintain a connection to Poland and Polish heritage while adjusting to life in Canada.

The exhibit features photographs, artefacts , audio and visual recordings, and archival materials that present the unique viewpoints of individuals from different waves of Polish immigration.


Ogniwo wishes to acknowledge the support and contributions of the following organizations and groups for their support with the exhibit:

  • Archives of Manitoba
  • Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
  • Manitoba Historic Resources Branch, Heritage Programs
  • Anonymous donor
  • Dabros, M.
  • Drohomereski, A.
  • Johnston, M.
  • Kuzia family
  • Paryzek, D.
  • Praski, D.
  • Rutowicz family
  • Sawicz family
  • Slawik, W.
  • Szypowska, K.
  • Tishinski family
  • Tukaj family