Charitable Donation

Your financial donation will support our efforts to provide interesting content and activities, help maintain our building as a safe environment for our visitors, and help us to better preserve and make accessible our holdings for future generations. 

Your funds will continue to maintain our collection, upgrade our museum space, and provide the public with a high standard of exhibits and other programming.

The Ogniwo Polish Museum Society Fund is administered by The Winnipeg Foundation, which provides official charitable tax receipts for all gifts.  Donations can be made directly to the Ogniwo Polish Museum endowment fund at the Winnipeg Foundation by visiting

We also accept cheques to our mailing address or e-transfers made to our email.

The Manitoba Heritage Trust Program aims to attract public and private funding and provide long-term, sustainable revenue for community projects and organizations, with a special emphasis on heritage organizations such as Ogniwo Polish Museum.  The Province of Manitoba established this program in 2018 and continues to provide matching “stretch” grant incentives for any fund donations received. 



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