There are many ways that you can assist the Ogniwo Museum in its mission:

Charitable Donation:

Your financial donation will support our efforts to provide interesting content and activities, help maintain our building as a safe environment for our visitors, and help us to better preserve and make accessible our holdings for future generations. 

The Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP) aims to attract public and private funding and provide long-term sustainable revenue for community projects and organizations, with a special emphasis on heritage organizations.  Ogniwo Polish Museum has created an endowment fund under the guidelines of the MHTP that will provide stretch dollars for all gifts to this fund between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2021.  For every $2 given to the fund, the program will stretch the gift with an additional $1 (maximum $25,000 in stretch per organization). This means your gift of $2 becomes $3. Your gift will preserve and protect the work that we do in perpetuity.

Donate to our Collection: