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Ogniwo (pronounced oh-GNEE-voh) means “links” in Polish, specifically links to the past. The museum fills a unique role, as it is the only organization of its kind in Canada.

The museum’s mission is to develop an awareness and understanding of the Polish experience in Canada in current and future generations of Canadians, presenting our stories through exhibitions, presentations, workshops and special events. Its members share a vision of promoting of the Polish experience in Manitoba and Canada, the collection and preservation of artifacts reflecting both rural and urban lifestyles, and the exploration and exhibition of Polish history, traditions and folklore.

It is a non-profit organization run completely through the efforts, energy, and devotion of volunteers.

While our organization is driven to preserve the links to our history, we’re also working to establish links with the present – with you – so that we are able to not just preserve memories to gather dust on a shelf, but so that this information brings meaning to those of us living in the here and now…so that information is exchanged and that we all have a greater understanding of each other.


We invite you to visit – serdecznie zapraszamy! We hope to see you soon!


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